Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Mobile App Discovery in Absolutely No Cost

Creating an mobile app is easy but what makes it difficult is - how to reach large user base without spending a penny.

There are multiple solutions available in market which helps in this discovery process but most of them cost a fortune for couple of hundreds of installs. Majority of app developers can not afford going this way.

We are in the process of building a solution to this problem i.e. - using our solution an newly launched app can get initial user base without spending anything. 

The solution will be in the form of a partnership between app developers. Say there are two app developers - John and Michael, both have their app install numbers in hundreds. And let's assume that both of them cater to almost similar audience. As a part of this partnership, both have to agree that -

  1. John'a app will show Michael's app as an partner app.
  2. Similarly Michael's app will show John's app as a partner app.
  3. Both will request their users to download and try partner's app.

This way they both are boosting their app's download numbers. Now imagine the scenario where hundreds of app developers are participating in similar partnerships. Everyone will get benefited from their partner's user base. It will be like -
  • Apps with thousands download numbers are helping apps with hundreds download numbers.
  • Apps with hundreds download numbers are helping newly launched apps.
In short, the bigger player will handhold smaller player to grow up.

Now comes the question - if an app got download numbers in thousands using our solution, why will it still be interested in the partnership? 

The short answer to this question is - because the app will get paid.

In the next post I will explain, in detail, how the payment part will work.

Meanwhile, summary is - using our solution your app will get discovered without spending a penny.

Please note that, we are in the process of developing the solution and we would love to hear your feedback, suggestions, ideas about the same. Please do leave a comment or mail us so that we can make this solution more helpful for the app developers.

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